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American missile base in Redzikowo close

Wiceprezes amerykańskiego koncernu zbrojeniowego Raytheon - Wesley D. Kremer, odpowiedzialny za rakietowe systemy obrony przeciwlotniczej i przeciwrakietowej - zapewnił przedstawicieli polskich mediów (aw oddzielnych spotkaniach w Warszawie także wysokiej rangi osobistości MON i MSZ), iż program rozwoju przewidywanych do dyslokacji w Polsce w 2018 w">Vice President of the US company Raytheon defense - Wesley D. Kremer, responsible for missile defense systems and anti - assured the representatives of the Polish media (and in separate meetings in Warsaw is also a high-ranking personalities Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs), predicted that the development program for deployment in Poland in 2018 base in Redzikowo Standard Missile SM-3 Block IIA - proceeds without delay.

Answering questions publisher REPORT-wto about possible problems with the funding of the program the SM-3 Block IIA, for the time being until the planned missile, in the era of forced cuts in the Pentagon (ie. Sequestration) and budgetary problems the administration of President Barack Obama, President Kremer explained that the project has the support of both the ruling party in the United States. Which implies a high priority and the extra money from Congress, windfalls even to the estimates of expenditure of the Department of Defense. For two reasons. First, the program for the development of SM-3 Block IIA is recognized as a key for the defense of the United States. Secondly, it is a project - international - American-Japanese, also funded by the government in Tokyo. It should not therefore be subject to financial constraints.

According to Kremer two weeks ago, in October, it was the key decisions on plans to build and test the missile SM-3 Block IB - intended for the base in Romania in 2015 and the SM-3 Block IIA - the base at the airport in Redzikowo, near Slupsk.
Rockets for dislocation in Poland to be tested and ultimately approved for production in the period 2016 - 2017. Japan makes up with its own program of development and construction. Nippon fabricate is the second and third stage missile, and its integration into the delivery of parts to the US will be the responsibility Raytheonie. The company can count on request 22 SM-3 missile Block IIA. They are to be used for testing of ground and flight tests (capture objectives in space).
SM-3 missiles Block IIA are designed primarily for the US Navy missile ships and fleets of Japan Self-Defense Forces. Civil version of the entire system boot and storage, designed for the Polish base in Redzikowo - protecting primarily the United States by the attack long range ballistic missiles, will not be different from the solutions of the sea. It makes no sense, in terms of cost savings and economic solution - Wesley Warsaw said Kremer - not simply use the boot airtight containers, containing placed vertically missiles, which are then recessed into the deck of a large ship. Base in Redzikowo will be a kind of land destroyer or cruiser missile from that distance container startup, storing missiles, radar of leading them will obviously be higher than the ship. Kremer said that in the case of radar installations (including, located in Redzikowo) is even preserved the original layout of the ship's masts.
On the basis of the illustration shown in Warsaw, you can imagine that the building starting in Redzikowo will have the appearance of a vertical shaft containment. Of course, if all technically and financially go as you please to 2018. And that past US presidential team did not give up the project in Poland, for example, by moving the entire future installation on the US East Coast. What do today insists part of American congressmen and senators.
It is known that from the beginning of 2013 to Redzikowo pilgrimage delegations of experts from the US military. It is also known that constantly and consistently plans of the missile base in Poland SM-3 Block IIA raise the resistance of the Russian authorities and political barrage presidential center in Moscow.

Is Polish companies can count on the participation in the work of preparing a base in Redzikowo to accept US missiles (weapons production plans that exclude the participation of Polish arms completely - because partners are only two - the US and Japan)?
Wesley D. Kremer cites the other giant American - Lockheed Martin, which is the general contractor of the whole system to the US government. Raytheon is only responsible for the design, construction and management of new missile system. And to guarantee the success of this is the sensitive part of the project. Since work on the base in Romania slowly untwist and have them take part local companies, Kramer believes that a similar approach may be applied also in Poland. But it will remain in the hands of planners Lockheed Martin and the Department of Defense. And also our authorities, who should do everything possible to for the project also earned a Polish company.


Wesley D. Kremer - Vice President of Air & Missile Defense Raytheon in Warsaw / Photo: Wojciech Luczak

So you can look moved ashore and set in Redzikowo marine container startup future missile SM-3 Block IIA. This is not so spectacular, huge installation of a spaceport, and only modest building with hermetically sealed in its rockets. In other words - moved to the mainland and the enclosed part of a destroyer or cruiser missile. The mobility of this solution is, however, evident. One way or another, ready for action in Redzikowo American installation will go on the list of targets at least a few countries in the world ... / Drawing: Raytheon

Breakdown of future maritime missile SM-3 Block IIA, which is also to be deployed on land. Only two countries participate in the development and production - the US and Japan / Drawing: Raytheon