Events Calendar / 2001-2007

The Company provided other upgrade services and manufactured missile systems equipment that allowed for continued use of anti-aircraft missile systems in the Polish military forces as well as the armed forces of Poland's allies. The Company introduced passive optoelectronic sensors, with the range of operation from the visible spectrum to the thermal spectrum, to be used as means of observation, detection, recognition, and identification of air targets in mid- and long-range missile systems.


2001 - development and production of the Thermal Television and Optical Imager
1998-2002 - development and upgrade of S -200WE (SA-5) Long-Range Anti-Aircraft Missile System
2002 - Development, production and integration of ”friend or foe” IFF system for anti-aircraft missile systems
2003 - Development and integration of Mobile Integrated Combat Field Reconnaissance System SRPW-11
2003 - Development and integration of Gyro-Stabilised Binoculars STO-11 Image Transmission Station
2003 - Integration of eye-safe laser range finders – range up to 50 km
2004 - Development and integration of the light mobile combat set TRYNKA
2004 - Development and implementation of upgraded Anti-Aircraft Missile Combat Vehicle 9A33BM2 and BM3 – P (SA-8)
2005 - Development of the IMZR-11 Smart Remote Mine to fight helicopters and low-flying targets
2005 - Program for integrated dehumidification system in mobile military equipment
2005 - Program – technology demonstrator – adjusting the most modern types of the missiles to anti-aircraft missile systems
2006 - Development and integration of light mobile warning and identification system for protection of bases and advance positions of the SRPW-13
2006 - Development and implementation of digital target acquisition indicators for anti-aircraft missile systems
2007 - Program – technology demonstrator – adjusting the most modern types of the missiles SPARROW to anti-aircraft missile systems

Apart from the above basic equipment and systems, Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S.A. have implemented and performed the overhaul of missile systems supporting equipment such as:

  1. Equipment for fuel distribution, oxidiser and air a
  2. Control and measuring stations and training simulators
  3. Transporters and transporting and loading equipment
  4. Surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles
  5. Electrical power supply sources::
    • PAB-2
    • AB-2
    • AB-4-3-220V 50Hz
    • AB-8
    • AB-16
    • AD-30
    • PAD-30
    • AD-40
    • ESD-100, PAD-100
    • PES-100
    • 5Je97
  6. Control and measurement stations:
  • KIPS 5K21 - NEWA
  • KIPS 2W8M1E - KUB
  • KIPS 2W9M - KRUG
  • AKIPS 9W242-1E - OSA, AKIPS, K43 WEGA
  • KIS MTO 9W88M - KUB
  • KIS 2W7-K - KUB
  • KIS 2W7-R - KUB
  • KRAS 1R1M1 - KRUG