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2K12 KUB (SA-6) anti-aircraft missile system

2K12 KUB (SA-6) anti-aircraft missile system

The upgrade of the 2K12 KUB (SA-S) anti-aircraft missile system dramatically changes the system's quality by replacing a number of low-reliability assemblies with ones developed by the Company and by eliminating a number of inconveniences related to the system's operation. The state-of-the-art technical solutions used improve the tactical and technical characteristics of the systems and make them comparable with those of other systems used on the contemporary battlefield.

This greatly improves the system’s reliability. The upgrade enhances the system's resistance to passive and active disturbances and the maximum target detection distance, and provides new possibilities for radioelectronic masking. Only state-of-the-art components and digital signal processing and imagery methods are used in the upgrade. Upgraded systems are provided with the spare parts required for continuous operation of the system.

Also, a number of regulation and tuning points are eliminated, and integrated self-diagnostic systems are used in systems upgraded at Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S.A.