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PRWB 9A33BM OSA (SA-8) anti-aircraft missile combat vehicle

PRWB 9A33BM OSA (SA-8) anti-aircraft missile combat vehicle

The upgrade of the PRWB 9A33BM OSA (SA-8) system focuses on the following basic elements: improved effectiveness of detection of targets in radiolocation and optoelectronic channels, precise friend-foe identification in the Mark XII mode 4 standard and its upgrade to the Mark XIIA mode 5 and S standard, improved resistance to radioelectronic disturbances, higher level of radioelectronic masking, improved imagery on digital radiolocation and vision information displays, precise indication of ground location, and improved reliability of the key elements of the SA-8 vehicle. The upgrade technology allows for replacing any assembly or system with a new one. The free space obtained as a result of the upgrade can be used for supplementary state-of-the-art systems that so far have not been used in the SA-8 vehicle.


  • Doubling the range of means of combat
  • phase I modernization of the 9M33 missiles
  • phase II implementation of new Błyskawica missile
  • Elimination of heat emissions
  • Elimination of low-efficiency power sources
  • Total system passivation at the target detection, recognition and tracking phases
  • Uncompromising reduction of the system energy consumption
  • Integration of information for commanding officer with simultaneous observation of battlefield
  • Total elimination of old element technology
  • Reduction of crew members
  • Remote fire control