S-200 WEGA (SA-5) long range anti-aircraft missile system

The main objectives of the upgrade of the S-200 WEGA two-channel anti-aircraft missile system is to allow it to operate with two long-range radar squadrons capable of autonomous operation in remote parts of the country, to improve the effectiveness of the command, the direction of fire, and the cooperation of the combat group, as well as to enhance the technical parameters and the reliability by using state-of the-art, new-generation electronic systems.

PRWB 9A33BM OSA (SA-8) anti-aircraft missile combat vehicle

The upgrade of the PRWB 9A33BM OSA (SA-8) system focuses on the following basic elements: improved effectiveness of detection of targets in radiolocation and optoelectronic channels, precise friend-foe identification in the Mark XII mode 4 standard and its upgrade to the Mark XIIA mode 5 and S standard, improved resistance to radioelectronic disturbances, higher level of radioelectronic masking, improved imagery on digital radiolocation and vision information displays, precise indication of ground location, and improved reliability of the key elements of the SA-8 vehicle.


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