Major launch


Events Calendar / 1990-2000

Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S.A. designed, performed, and implemented upgrades of the 9A33BM OSA (SA-8), the 2K12KUB (SA-6), the 2K11KRUG (SA-4), and the S 200 WEGA (SA-5) missile systems, adapting them to the conditions of the modern battlefield. The Company implemented repairs of chassis of standard military vehicles and of new equipment, including new types of missile systems and all their equipment.

Events Calendar / 2001-2007

The Company provided other upgrade services and manufactured missile systems equipment that allowed for continued use of anti-aircraft missile systems in the Polish military forces as well as the armed forces of Poland's allies. The Company introduced passive optoelectronic sensors, with the range of operation from the visible spectrum to the thermal spectrum, to be used as means of observation, detection, recognition, and identification of air targets in mid- and long-range missile systems.


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