SRPW-13 mobile warning and recognition system for the protection of data base and advance sections

SRPW-13 is a developed version of Battlefield Recognition System SRPW-12 – designed for passive surveillance of the approaches within the visible and thermal band in the wide angle of view, or of remote objects in the very narrow angle of view and the determination of their distance and angle coordinates with reference to the system’s own position together with IFF “Friend or Foe” identification – enriched with the recognition, warning and surveillance of the threats system in the wide thermal and optical band – called Svetovid.

Service station for aircraft accumulator batteries SOKA 11, SOKA 111

The service station for aviation accumulator batteries SOKA 11 and SOKA 111 are designed to accomplish the service of 20NKBN25 and 20KSX25P accumulator alkaline batteries automatically and the service of 12SAM28 accumulator acidic batteries used in aviation semi-automatically. SOKA 11 and SOKA 111 are applied as the basic modules in the airfield service stations of accumulator batteries.

Depending on the needs, from these modules one may create service sets of any size.


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