Training threat simulator for the 23 mm four-barrel self-propelled anti-aircraft gun CLOWN FISH

CLOWN FISH has been designed for use at radio-electronic warfare training fields for the purpose of training pilots and gun crews in real conditions, using real armament.

Implemented on the Shilka ZSU-23-4 anti-aircraft self-propelled gun in its original version, fully technically efficient, with the artillery and radar units, original fire control system and automatic systems, ready for combat use, except for the possibility of ammunition use.

Displays and controls

Displays and controls are state-of-the-art systems which display targets on the screen based on visual signals received from the optoelectronic head.

Due to the built-in video tracker module, the displays enable passive target tracking and control of the optoelectronic head. They work together with the diagnostic system, the inertial land navigation system and IFF target identification system MARK XII mode 4, MARK XIIA.


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