Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S.A. is a defense industry company focusing on the sector of defense rocket launcher technology, mostly mid- and long-range. The company has extensive experience gained during the 60 years of providing services related to repairs and upgrades of missile defense technology to the Polish Armed Forces.

The Company’s mission is to achieve innovative growth in order to support the security of Poland and to maintain a level technical condition of weapons and equipment used by the Polish Armed Forces and by the armed forces of Poland’s allies that will allow them to maintain their combat effectiveness and to comply with the applicable NATO standards. Such growth must be in line with Poland's national security policy and must assure full satisfaction of the Company's customers, as well as continuous improvement of the Company's employees and full use of their capabilities.

Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S.A. is a professional company that supports Poland’s engineering ideas and promotes the development of new technologies and the implementation of innovative solution in the missile technology used by the Polish Armed Forces. The Company’s achievements in this area are highly valued by Polish engineers and scientists, as well as foreign defense and military experts.
The Company has become an important player in the missile defence technology upgrade sector and is one of the leading European companies in the sector of anti-aircraft missile systems repairs.