Optoelectronic head

The optoelectronic head is a state-of-the-art device integrating passive optoelectronic sensors working in the bands from visible to thermal as a means for detection, recognition, identification, and observation, and following integration onto the platform to determine angle co-ordinates of remote targets in the visible spectrum and in the infrared.

The optoelectronic head may work under various weather conditions, both during the day with sunlight or artificial lighting as well as in the conditions of limited visibility.

The optoelectronic head works in a set of devices which provide for manual and automatic guidance of the head optical axis at the target under observation. The laser range finder being an element of the equipment provides for range finding to the target from 100m to 30000m.
The head makes it possible to passively track the target based on its television or thermal imaging shown on the digital display by means of a video tracker.